Written Testimonial

From the first consultation right through until several weeks after my surgery I felt I was in excellent hands.Dr. Mrunal Kapdnis mam has a very warm, caring personality and made me feel very comfortable. I would like to express my thanks for her professionalism, understanding and the top class treatment I was given. I would highly recommend her.

Sayali Shejwalpatient

Dr. Mrunal Kapadnis is highly skilled and knowledgeable gynecologist. She is very humble in nature that makes you comfortable to share your problems with her. She is always there for her patients… During 9 months of pregnancy, she listened my queries carefully and clarified all my doubts .. During pregnancy and post delivery she was like my support system.. I had very nice experience with her.. She is the best Doctor and nice human being . I strongly recommend her to all the ladies who are aspecting.

Gayatri Kalalpatient

This is my first baby and I was very lucky to have assisted by Dr. Mrunal Kapadnis during this phase of pregnancy. She is very polite and supportive. She is always ready to support you with whatever queries you have. I will STRONGLY RECOMMEND her to all my friends who are expecting. She is a great Support System for her patients.
Thank you once again Mrunal Ma’am for the support and assistance.

Manisha Zaltepatient

Dr Mrunal kapadnis is a wonderful doctor . I was v lucky to have her as my gynaecologist throughout my pregnancy .I was suffering from Anemia low haemoglobin and spotting during pregnancy but madam handled it nicely n finally I got my biggest joy of life my baby boy Mitansh on 7 /1/ 2020 by normal vaginal delivery .thank u so much madam

Aishwarya Telorepatient

We r v Thankful to Dr Mrunal Madam for the guiding us v well and giving us proper treatment . she is so much concerned for her patient and easily available.

Asha Borsepatient

We consulted dr Mrunal kapadnis madam for wifes infertility treatment and witin 3 months we got results . We r v happy and thankful to madam

Sunil Garadpatient